About Us

The Health Law Partnership (HeLP) has five legal service offices on the campuses of Children’s at Egleston, Children’s at Scottish Rite, and Children’s at Hughes Spalding, Center for Advanced Pediatrics and the Behavioral and Mental Health Outpatient Clinic to provide public health legal services to low-income families whose children are patients at the hospitals.  HeLP also includes the HeLP Legal Services Clinic, which is an in-house legal clinic serving HeLP’s clients and providing clinical education to students at Georgia State University’s College of Law and to other professional and graduate students.

HeLP’s main office is located on the hospital campus of Children’s at Scottish Rite.

By combining the healthcare expertise of hospital professionals with the legal expertise of attorneys, HeLP provides a coordinated and integrated set of services to address the multiple determinants of children’s health. HeLP is also an educational project that promotes interdisciplinary teaching and learning. HeLP seeks to improve the public’s health by fostering knowledge, understanding, and a cooperative spirit between the healthcare and legal professions.